DHL Sharing Economy Challenge 2017


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Sharing Economy Challenge

We are excited to announce that our 2017 DHL Innovation Challenge will focus on the important trend of
Sharing Economy Logistics – Creating Shared and Accessible Solutions for the Logistics Industry.

Sharing Economy Logistics embraces the idea that individuals can rent or borrow assets that are owned by someone else at the speed and scale of mobile technology. We have already seen the transportation and hospitality industries revolutionized by sharing economy business models, but what about the asset-intensive world of logistics? By taking a business-oriented approach to the sharing economy, we can augment or disrupt existing practices in logistics, and even create new businesses opportunities for the logistics industry. This DHL Innovation Challenge provides you with the opportunity to come up with original ideas or practical solutions that aim to address logistics problems that could be solved with innovative sharing economy business models.

What is the Sharing Economy?

Sharing Economy is the use of mobile technology and digital platforms to seamlessly provide temporary access to products and services owned by someone else.

What are we looking for?

This challenge is open to anyone (subject to terms & conditions) with a creative and innovative idea for a Sharing Economy Logistics solution - one that creates value for all stakeholders.

Your idea could be about sharing logistics assets, infrastructure, or resources with consumers. It could be about applying the latest technologies to create shared access to logistics services or underutilized assets. Your concept could be a new product, a service solution, or even a concept for a slick mobile app to share belongings. Just make sure your idea is relevant to logistics and demonstrates value to all parties involved, whether businesses, consumers, or peers.

What can

Pitch your concept
to senior executives and logistics professionals at DHL Innovation Day 2017

Participate in a
joint proof-of-concept with DHL

Win €5,000 with DHL

Display the winning concept at the DHL
Innovation Centers

How to enter?

It’s really easy to enter. You don’t need to be a designer, a logistics expert, or an engineer to enter; you just need to be imaginative and aged 18+ on the competition submission deadline.

You’ll need to submit a description of your concept (containing 1,000 words or less) and video content (up to 2.5 minutes). For the top three entrants, this video will be used as part of the pitch at the DHL Innovation Day. Both your document and your video content should outline the problem and explain the solution and its contribution to Sharing Economy.

All entries must be submitted by 16th September 2017 at 5 pm GMT


How is the winner chosen?

Once you’ve submitted your ideas, the entries will go through a pre-selection process based on their originality, functionality, perceived commercial feasibility, aesthetics and potential to solve the problem outlined.

Three finalists will then be chosen by a panel of logistics experts and will be notified by 6th October 2017. One representative from each of the three finalists will be invited to the DHL Innovation Center in Troisdorf, Germany to pitch their concept in front of 180+ senior supply chain professionals at the DHL Innovation Day (7th December 2017). Entries will be judged on their originality, functionality, perceived commercial feasibility, aesthetics and potential to solve the problem outlined. After the pitch, there will be a live audience voting session; the entry with the most votes will be awarded as the winner of the DHL Innovation Challenge.