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Finalists of the Sharing Economy Challenge announced

Meet the three finalists who will pitch their ideas to senior executives and logistics professionals at the DHL Innovation Day 2017 on December 7th.

The finalists are LivingPackets, a worldwide instant delivery service, FLOOW2, a business-to-business sharing marketplace and Parcelly, an innovative click&collect solution.

LivingPackets is a worldwide instant delivery service, based on an innovative and on-demand Profit-Sharing 3.0 economy model that guarantees all players are fairly rewarded for their contribution.

This 2-year old French start-up introduces a disrupting delivery concept that uses the permanent flow of travellers worldwide as an individual logistic solution: nobody can be faster than voyagers, it costs a fraction of the regular shipping price and it saves a lot of CO2 for the planet. Users don’t need to pack their parcels thanks to a ground-breaking technology for express delivery. Being ultra-secured & ultra-connected, the technology includes multiple features: camera, shock and temperature sensors, real-time tracking, electronic lock, Bluetooth and more. ​

FLOOW2, World’s Reset Button, is a business-to-business sharing marketplace for companies and institutions to share equipment, services, waste and materials, as well as the skills and knowledge of their staff. brings businesses or departments and entities within organizations together to share overcapacity leading to new revenue, costs saving, an enriched network and a local, sustainable economy. In addition to having to make less of an investment when purchasing new equipment and services, businesses are also reducing their negative impact on the environment because they use everything they already have more efficiently.

Parcelly's innovative click&collect solution is leveraging the Sharing Economy concept to transform the logistics industry.

The company turns redundant space into parcel collection points giving consumers full control over when and where they collect their parcels. Through a simple, label-free process, amplified via smart and scalable technology, Parcelly partners with a growing number of independent local and UK based businesses enabling them to get an additional income as well as footfall for their business. Parcelly also donates 5% of their profits to Atmosfair in order to reduce the carbon footprint of every delivery. The convenience of this solution has eliminated the need for consumers to queue at the sorting office, liaise with couriers to re-arrange the delivery or ask a neighbour to sign for packages on their behalf.